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Zurcher Orthodontics of West Jordan, Utah


Here at Zurcher Orthodontics, we give every single patient the personalized orthodontic care that they deserve. Orthodontics is a specialized section of dentistry that deals with the correction of malalignments in the jaw, crooked teeth, and the overall function of your smile. Each orthodontist has spent an extra 2 to 3 years in a school specializing in how to help you improve your smile in many different ways.

In our office, our patients are our top priority and we do everything we can to ensure you or your child feels comfortable and safe in our office chair. When it comes to treatments, each is different depending on the anatomy and structure of our patient's mouth and teeth. Precise images of your teeth and mouth will be taken to help determine your treatment plan.

Other than braces for adults and teenagers, we provide different orthodontic treatments available to our patients including:

  • Custom Clear Aligners 
  • Retainers 
  • Ceramic Braces 
  • Pediatric Orthodontics
  • Dentofacial Orthopedics 
  • Teeth Whitening

Each one of our treatments allows our patients to achieve a new and improved smile once treatment has finished. We love helping our patients find confidence in their smiles!

The need and want for orthodontic care is wide and we are thrilled to say that we are taking new patients into our office. If you have questions about the treatments we offer or if you would just like to know more, please call us to schedule a consultation or request an appointment online! We look forward to meeting you and getting you started on your straight smile journey!

West Jordan

Being here in West Jordan has allowed us to meet the best adult and child patients that any dentist or orthodontist could ask for. West Jordan is filled with young families and individuals who have been looking to settle down in a growing and safe city. With no shortage of jobs available to our residents, most newcomers are drawn to West Jordan for a new career or a fresh start.

West Jordan might be the perfect place for you if you love beautiful nature scenery or enjoy different forms of entertainment and eating to keep you busy. There is no shortage of fun and excitement here in West Jordan. We also serve areas in Salt Lake City, Taylorsville, Kearns, and Murray.