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Keep Your Retainer Away from the Family Pet

Dogs are attracted to the smell of retainers and tend to chew on them.

‘My dog ate my retainer’ is not the start of a fictional story, as dogs chew retainers into a useless mess with surprising frequency.   Why do Dogs Like to Chew Retainers?   Although retainers do not look much like bones or the dog’s favorite chew toy, the working theory is that dogs are attracted…

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4 Appliances that Straighten Teeth (Without Braces)

A girl smiles to reveal straight teeth without braces.

Many would consider a beautiful smile synonymous with straight teeth, but some are not prepared to wear braces for an extended period of time to achieve this goal. Luckily, fixed orthodontic braces are not the only option to achieve straight teeth. There are a few dental problems that can be corrected without braces. If you…

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Why Jaw Surgery may be a Necessary Treatment for You

An orthodontist explains the process of jaw surgery to a patient.

It is uncommon that issues with bite or the alignment of the teeth cannot be corrected using today’s dental and orthodontic treatments. However, corrective jaw surgery may be recommended if there are skeletal and dental irregularities. Corrective jaw surgery is not as complex or serious as its name makes it out to be. It can…

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All You Need to Know about Retainers

A woman holds up two different types of retainers.

An orthodontic journey does not start and end with braces. After your one or two year process of wearing braces is over, the next stage of treatment is retention. Once the braces are removed, it is important to maintain the results the braces have achieved, instead of leaving the teeth to shift back into their…

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