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Clear Aligners VS Traditional Braces

girl holding clear aligner and braces in each hand

Nowadays, many of us place importance on our smile. Braces have long been a traditional way of achieving straighter teeth. But advancements have introduced alternative options to the market that you might also want to consider. One alternative option on offer nowadays is aligners. We’ve found that many of our patients (or their parents) have … Read more

Keep Your Retainer Away from the Family Pet

‘My dog ate my retainer’ is not the start of a fictional story, as dogs chew retainers into a useless mess with surprising frequency.   Why do Dogs Like to Chew Retainers?   Although retainers do not look much like bones or the dog’s favorite chew toy, the working theory is that dogs are attracted … Read more

7 Traveling Must Haves for Cleaning Braces/ Retainers

Many orthodontic appliances require you to clean your teeth multiple times a day. Making sure your teeth and appliance are clean is easy at home, but can become more of a challenge when you are on the go. You can stay prepared and keep your smile healthy by carrying these 7 items in your handbag, … Read more