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7 Traveling Must Haves for Cleaning Braces/ Retainers

Many orthodontic appliances require you to clean your teeth multiple times a day. Making sure your teeth and appliance are clean is easy at home, but can become more of a challenge when you are on the go. You can stay prepared and keep your smile healthy by carrying these 7 items in your handbag, carry-on luggage or in your school locker.


Cleaning Basics for the On-The-Go Patient

1. Water.

This is a resource that is reasonably freely available and can really save you if you forgot to pack your toothbrush. Although it is not as good as brushing, rinsing your mouth out with water after eating or drinking a sugary and/or acidic beverage will get rid of food particles or traces of the beverage that help create decay-causing acidity in the mouth.

2. A Toothbrush and Toothpaste.

These are two essential items to keep your mouth and orthodontic appliance clean for all the obvious reasons. Even without toothpaste, brushing your teeth with plain water will help you keep your teeth healthy by removing food and plaque.

3. An Interproximal Brush.

These small and easy to use brushes make a great tool to remove food and plaque that becomes stuck around brackets, between the arch-wire and teeth, and in between the teeth.

4. Floss.

This minty thread is great for removing food from between the arch-wire and the teeth, and especially under the gum line. Discuss with your dentist or orthodontist what type of floss or floss appliance is the best for you and your type of orthodontic appliance.

5. A Mirror.

A pocket mirror will aid you in cleaning your mouth and appliance. Alternatively, a mirror or the selfie camera of your smartphone, can be used to perform a post-brush check to ensure your mouth is clean.

6. Orthodontic Wax

If a bracket or wire rubs a sore spot, wax quickly puts a stop to the irritation.

7. Pain Killers.

Over-the-counter pain relievers like acetaminophen or ibuprofen can save you from a day filled with discomfort until you get to see the dentist.

Whether you are traveling abroad or are only traveling to the office, these items can prevent discomfort and embarrassment, and contribute positively to shaping your new smile.

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