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Keep Your Retainer Away from the Family Pet

‘My dog ate my retainer’ is not the start of a fictional story, as dogs chew retainers into a useless mess with surprising frequency.


Why do Dogs Like to Chew Retainers?

Although retainers do not look much like bones or the dog’s favorite chew toy, the working theory is that dogs are attracted by the smell of the retainer. The smell of the materials retainers are made of, combined with the smell of saliva, make retainers irresistible toys. With their powerful jaws, dogs can render retainers useless in no time.


Be Careful with Your Retainer

Leaving your retainer out in a place where the dog can get them is only one way your retainers can be destroyed. Patients who use retainers should be careful not to sit or step on them, allow them to fall out of a purse or pocket, or accidentally throw them away with a lunch tray or in a napkin.


Why Are Retainers in Draper Important?

Retainers in Draper help hold your teeth in their new positions after having worn braces or another type of orthodontic treatment. Wearing your retainers is the most reliable way to preserve the new placement of teeth. Replacing lost or damaged retainers can be costly,  but they should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent any unwanted movement of the teeth.

How to Look After Your Retainers in Draper

Your mouth or their case are the only two places your removable retainers should be. Do not place retainers in your pocket unless they are in their protective case. Additionally, do not wrap retainers in a napkin in place of their protective case, as they can easily be thrown away with the trash.


Contact Zurcher Orthodontics in Draper immediately if your retainer is lost, broken, not fitting properly, or has been eaten by your dog.